Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie has enchanted many PHS students

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie has enchanted many PHS students

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Are you ready for it? Recently, global pop star Taylor Swift has come out with a movie titled, “Taylor Swift:The Eras Tour”, highlighting the iconic performance on her recording breaking tour, The Eras Tour. The movie was released on October 13 and ever since then it has made 200 million dollars and counting.

According to Variety’s Rebecca Rubin, “The Eras Tour” became the highest-grossing concert film in domestic box office history.”

In Perrysburg, Swift’s movie has been released in theaters in the local area such as Cinemark in Levis Commons. The move is quite popular among PHS students as many individuals have gone out to watch the movie with friends. 

Addy Losee is a sophomore at PHS who has been a fan of Taylor Swift for quite some time and has gone to multiple concerts. She said when the movie was first announced she immediately knew she would go watch it once it came out. A few days after its release she went to go watch the movie. 

Losee was very excited to go see the movie and had many thoughts on the movie after she watched it. 

“I definitely enjoyed watching the movie because it felt like I was at the concert again,” Losee said. “I enjoyed listening to the live version of the songs and all the different performances.” 

Eden Ewbank is a sophomore at PHS who also went to go watch the movie a few days after its release. She is a big fan of Taylor and could not wait to watch the movie. 

“The movie was amazing, I absolutely loved listening to her perform all her songs from different albums and I really enjoyed watching the movie,” Ewbank said. “I felt like I was at the connect and I was sad when it ended.” 

With her growing popularity, Taylor Swift is considered to be an important role model for the younger generation and has made a significant impact through her music. 

Some PHS students see Taylor Swift as a great role model who has impacted them with her music. 

 “I definitely agree that Taylor Swift is an incredible role model because she has a very kind heart and promotes kindness towards others,” Losee said. “Her music has impacted me because it is very relatable and extremely catchy. She is one of my most listened to artists.” 

Ewbank agrees, saying, “Taylor Swift is definitely someone I look up to because she is always positive and kind towards everyone. Her music has impacted me because I feel like I relate to it in many aspects.”

Overall, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie” has grown quite popular among PHS students, and are excited to see her upcoming projects.

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