Yellow Oak hosts second annual PJ Playdate fundraiser

Yellow Oak hosts second annual PJ Playdate fundraiser

Pritha Dutta
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Imagine you must come up with an original fundraiser within the Perrysburg community in just three months. You have a limited budget to spend on equipment, volunteers, venue, and food. Plans will change, sponsorships will fall through, and the deadline will only get closer. Can you handle the pressure? Would you be able to plan and create a successful fundraiser? In the past three months PHS Yellow Oak Club was able to do just that. 

Recently PHS Yellow Oak had their second annual PJ Playdate fundraiser. The fundraiser took place at Hall Prairie Intermediate School on Friday, November 17, 2023. 

PHS Yellow Oak club consists of 24 members in grades 9-12. Their club creates original fundraisers to raise money for organizations within their community. 

PJ Playdate was an event where kids in grades 1-5 could attend and participate in fun station activities with their friends. There were many different activities a student could take part in that were run by various Yellow Oak members. Some of these stations include science, gym, just dance, painting and more. 

The goal for this event was to raise money to support The Nest. Yellow Oak was able to raise around 1,000 dollars with this fundraiser and donate 90% of the proceeds to The Nest. 

The Nest is an organization in Bowling Green, Ohio that supports parents completing their education by providing free childcare, so that they can achieve their goals while they are growing their family. They offer free childcare along with parenting and education support. 

Erin Harte is a sophomore at PHS and has been a member of the Yellow Oak Club for 2 years.  She helped run the science station during the event. Harte said. 

“We let little kids build mini volcanoes using play dough. After they made their volcano we mixed baking soda and vinegar together to create a fun explosion. The kids really enjoyed the experiments and many of them came to our station.” 

During the event, Harte also served as a helper for other stations that needed it at the time. Some stations would have more kids at a time which required more help. Harte said “The rest of the night I was floating around helping anyone who needed it at their station. My favorite station to help at was Just Dance.” 

Harte thought the fundraiser went very well and was successful. Harte said, “We were able to provide an affordable and enjoyable experience for the kids and we were able to help support the Nest.” 

Brianna Lockwood is a freshman at PHS and this her first year in the Yellow Oak Club and her first time being a part of the PJ Playdate fundraiser Lockwood said, “I think the fundraiser went well. This was my first year so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very organized and I believe the kids had fun.” 

Lockwood enjoyed hanging out with the kids and ensuring that they had a good time throughout the night. “My favorite part about the fundraiser was the kids. It was so sweet to meet them and be around so much energy,” she said. 

“We ran into a few issues along the way but we handled them well. I think the money we raised will be extremely helpful to parents seeking an education and their children.” 

Even after this success Yellow Oak doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They have some exciting fundraisers coming up and cannot wait to help their community. 

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