OPINION: Don’t cram for that exam: advice for effective studying

OPINION: Don’t cram for that exam: advice for effective studying

Lydia Reiter

Do you feel like your brain is about to give up? Eyes red from those late nights? Can’t sit still because of the constant thought of exams coming up? Afraid of failing? Need some study tips? Well I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my tips and tricks for success on your exams.

Don’t cram! Exams are already stressful enough, so why add to the stress? Buy an agenda or get a calendar and map out your road to success. Write down the date of your exams and then figure out when you will give yourself time to study between now and the exam date. A little bit each day will help make the amount of material you need to study seem smaller and more manageable. 

Ask for help… use the buddy system. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Whether that’s teachers or friends they are here for you. As you study, make a list of questions and then come prepared with them at school. 

Find your learning style. Do you like complete silence or does silence drive you crazy? If silence is the way for you to focus then prioritize finding a quiet, distraction free area to hit the books. On the other hand, if silence is not your thing then think about a soothing, peaceful playlist to help you stay on track. Most importantly, stay off your phone! 

Think about how long your study sets will be. 30 minutes? An hour? Two hours? Make sure you have breaks so you don’t become brain dead, but also make sure your study sets are long enough to retain and learn the information. 

A suggestion that works for many is the Pomodoro technique. Break your study session into two hours. Study for 25 minutes then take a five minute break. Once this is repeated four times, take a longer break for 15-30 minutes. Finally, repeat the entire thing.

Reward yourself! Putting in the effort to try and succeed is honorable, so if an opportunity comes up to do something with family or friends then do it. Since after reading this article you will have an organized schedule in place, you can for sure have time to do stuff for yourself. 

Write down what you are studying on flashcards. Making individual notecards for each topic will help you categorize it in your memory and help you retain the information easier. 

Explain the concepts you’re learning out loud. Reciting the information without looking at it will solidify it in your memory better than anything else. Pretend like you are a teacher and explain the information to your imaginary class. It may look stupid because you are talking to a wall… but hey… if it gets you the good grade then do it!

Have someone quiz you. Put yourself to the test. Ask a parent, family member, friend, anyone to quiz you over the test material. It will help you figure out what you are lacking in and what you know well. 

Get some sleep! You can not be successful and expect to do well on your exam endeavors without solid nights of rest. Organize your study schedule so that it revolves around sleeping hours.

I hope you take some of these tips and apply them to your study sessions. Best of luck! 

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