When it comes to those new year’s resolutions, the odds are against you

When it comes to those new year’s resolutions, the odds are against you

Cameron Haeft
eSomethin staff

Lots of people make resolutions for the new year, but who really keeps them? According to US News and World Report, 80% of resolutions fail by February. So how do you keep a resolution, and not be a part of that 80%?

The first step to keeping your resolution is to set one that you know you can keep. Many people go into the new year with a resolution that is somehow unrealistic or overly ambitious. When you set a resolution that you know is too difficult to achieve, knowing that you aren’t really going to do it, Having the mentality that you aren’t fully committed sets you up for failure.

Don’t expect perfection, just progress. You might not accomplish everything right away, and that’s okay. If you aren’t doing everything that you said you would, but you’re still doing more than you did before, that’s still progress.

Motivation can be found in lots of places. You can work with others who have similar goals and motivate each other. You and someone else can push each other so that you both can achieve your goals. You can also find something to inspire you and motivate you. Watch an inspirational movie, listen to music that motivates you, or find something online to get you going.

If you’re already thinking of quitting, you may just want to adjust your resolution to make it more realistic. For instance, consider changing your goal from going to the gym daily to just a few times a week. You could also ease into a resolution rather than jumping right in all the way.

Remember, it won’t do you much good to be healthy for just a year, then go back to your old habits. The purpose of a resolution is to have a positive effect on your whole life, not just for 2020.

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