Breaking news: Fire drill was not planned

Breaking news: Fire drill was not planned

Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin’ Staff

The fire alarm heard at PHS today was not a pre-planned fire drill, according to administration. No fire alarms were pulled and there was no fire.

Assistant principal Dave Boyce said, “there theoretically could have been a fire, but where it came from, that bathroom was searched and there was no fire there. So, we assume something tripped the alarm, which in the bathroom, the logical thing is that someone was smoking.”

The investigation is still ongoing.

Boyce said, “the fire alarm has a panel that tells us where [the alarm] is coming from…and it came from one of the bathrooms, which in the past always said someone was smoking…history suggests that.”

Boyce would not disclose whether the signal came from the men’s or women’s restrooms. 

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