Perrysburg: Finalist for the Golden Megaphone

Perrysburg: Finalist for the Golden Megaphone

hKennedy Rowley

Perrysburg high school has pep and hype, but do we have what it take to receive the gold megaphone? All year our student section has been hype and full of energetic high schoolers cheering on their school to victory, giving PHS such a well-known name!

The OHSAA, (Ohio High School Athletic Association) picks some of the best students sections in all of Ohio as finalists for the “Battle of the Golden Megaphone,” which is an award that is for schools that show spirit and sportsmanship throughout the entire year.

This is the fifth year for this competition. The schools that were the finalist this year are Aurora, Barnesville, Botkins, Delaware Buckeye Valley, Dover, Bloomdale Elmwood, Lexington, Mineral Ridge, North Baltimore, Oak Hill, Perrysburg, Marion Pleasant, Ross (Hamilton), and finally a fellow NLL school, Sylvania Northview.

This year Perrysburg sent the exec board of Pride Club and club advisor, Mr. Ron Degregorio, to watch the golden megaphone be handed out at OSU on March 22. At the time, the exec board was really nervous to find out if Perrysburg won. W

Pride club president Chloe DeVerna stated, “I definitely think we have a really good chance of winning it! If we don’t, I’m sure we could always find things to improve on and make better[…] This year I think we’ve definitely improved in not only supporting our main sport but other extra-curricular as well, such as our curling club earlier in the winter! We’ve just become more well-rounded when it comes to the student show-out.”

Perrysburg did not win the megaphone, unfortunately. The Execs were very sad but they still remain hopeful for the future. DeVerna said, “The golden megaphone to me has honestly just been a huge goal since I’ve been on exec board(since my sophomore year) and I really hope we can reach it! We’ve been here three years in a row so fingers crossed!”

Aurora won this year.

The Pride Club has done an outstanding job planning support that put our school out there like the basketball handoff to honor referees.

Pride Club is still striving to do well for our school. Next year’s golden megaphone is still within reach.

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