Opinion: Are Non-School Athletes Getting The Short End Of The Stick When It Comes To Scholarships?

Opinion: Are Non-School Athletes Getting The Short End Of The Stick When It Comes To Scholarships?

Isabel Palmer
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School is known for its impeccable athletic programs, but what other opportunities does Perrysburg have to offer its students? Are students who don’t play sports getting the short end of the stick when it comes to scholarships?

Everyone has heard of the great opportunities athletes have to play for the school. There is a wide spread of options for all students when it comes to sports such as tennis, lacrosse, swimming, gymnastics, football, etc…

Perrysburg also has wide spread options when it comes to languages classes, including American Sign Language, art, and academics.

Are arts activities being overshadowed by the school’s love of sports?

Erin Furlong, Art Club Sec.
Erin Furlong, a senior at PHS (Photo Credit: Isabel Palmer)

Erin Furlong, the Secretary of Art Club States that, “Not a lot of people understand art, and they need to be shown that art is everywhere.”

Art is not as appreciated as it should be, even though everything around us is made out of some form of it. Art is typically shown as something that is fun or silly and something that is just a hobby, not a profession or talent worthy of scholarship money.

Art is a way of life for some, it is a freedom, and it is one of the highest forms of independence there is. But, do these creative art classes offer any opportunities that get noticed?

Perrysburg offers their creative students availability to enter the Governor’s art competition and provides every student that partakes in an art class a chance to put at least one piece of their portfolio in Perrysburg High School’s yearly art show. This is a great way to get noticed and stand out to colleges for the arts.

Mrs. Brunner Art Teacher at PHS
Watercolor and Acrylics Art Teacher (Photo Credit: Isabel Palmer)

Watercolor and Acrylics art teacher, Michelle Brunner, states that, “There are many opportunities for art students to participate in scholarships. Many colleges offer students scholarships based on a portfolio review. There is also the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art show that we participate in every year that offers scholarships to winners.”

Although it may seem that athletic students have a better shot at getting noticed compared to the creative arts students, in reality Perrysburg High School is giving all their students the best chance possible when it comes to scholarship opportunities and their chances for success.

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