100 years of history: The athlete versus the scholar

100 years of history: The athlete versus the scholar

April, 1922

What relationship exists between the athlete and the scholar? Many people living under the wrong impression believe in the old idea that athletics is not beneficial, wastes time and money, and works havoc with the scholastic standing of the student body.  This old-fashioned impression, however, is entirely wrong and is fast giving way to a new enthusiasm for the support of interscholastic and Intercollegiate sports. Cannot a strong, sturdy and clear-minded pupil think faster and to better advantage than one of those unfortunate scholars who are pale and thin, suffering from overstudy and a lack of exercise? Many persons ignorant of the rules and regulations of the athletic associations believe that the boy or girl who enters the athletic field neglects his or her studies and lowers the scholastic standing. This supposition is entirely false, for above all other rules stands the one which requires all contestants to possess a certain standing in their studies. In fact, many who would otherwise shirk, brace up and study, merely for the purpose of winning a place on some team. Athletics inspires a feeling of cooperation and gives an incentive for school life, relieving the dull monotony and daily routine of irksome studies. It strengthens the individual physically and mentally, teaches him self-control, altruism and teamwork, and prepares him for future citizenship. So despite all the knocks and opposition which it receives it has proven itself to be a true friend to all – students, faculty and community as a whole.

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