After two exam-free years PHS’s exam week is back—here’s what you need to know

After two exam-free years PHS’s exam week is back—here’s what you need to know

Riya Shah and Aisha Touray 
eSomethin staff

After almost two full years, exam week is making its return to Perrysburg High School, and for over half of the student body, it will be their first ever.

Exams start on Tuesday, Dec. 14 and end on Thursday, Dec. 16. Each day of exam week will consist of three exam periods. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 14, the exam times are for class periods one, two and three. 

Wednesday, Dec. 15, exams in periods 4/5 and 6/7, with a make-up period during the last testing window. 

Thursday Dec. 16 will feature exams in periods 8/9 or a 9/10, depending on students’ schedules, and period 11. The last make-up of the week takes place in the last time block.

On the day of an exam it is best to arrive 15 minutes before the first exam so that students have enough time to get to their classrooms. Once they have taken care of any business, like using the restroom or getting a drink of water, students should report to the room where their exam takes place. 

It is important to take off any electronic watches and put away any electronic devices. The teacher will then give the instructions needed and begin the exam. 

After the exam is over and the bell has rung, students are permitted to leave the building as long as they do not have any other exams during the day. However, if a student has a free period between two exam times, they have to stay in the building until they are completely finished with all their exams.

During exam week it is important to be prepared and have everything that is needed. Each teacher will have different lists for what to bring but most will follow the basics. It is critical to have a charged computer, as well as a charger in case of any technology issues. For any paper/pencil exams, it is definitely essential to have sharpened pencils—pencils as in multiple! If a calculator is allowed on a math test, do not forget to bring it the day of, ready to be used. 

Along with these items, listen extra closely to teachers the days leading up to exams, in case they mention any other materials to bring. It would be disappointing to show up on the day of exams without any other allowed items, such as cheat sheets or flashcards. 

It is not only necessary to bring supplies to use during the exam, but also supplies to use before and after. Brains need food to function at their full capacity, so students should make sure to bring nutritional and healthy snacks to keep their brain active. After any exam is completed, students are required to remain in the classroom until the bell rings, and phone usage will likely be prohibited. Make sure to bring books, study materials for other exams or anything else to keep busy, productive and quiet after the exam is over. 

Every student is allowed two opt-outs per semester, as long as they meet the requirements. One opt-out opportunity is based on having a double A, meaning a solid A (95.5% or higher) in both quarters, no A-s, with the teacher’s permission. With the double A and teacher approval, students can then choose to be exempt from the exam in that class. 

There used to be an attendance based opt-out, but this year the school has gotten rid of that requirement due to COVID-19 absences. The school replaced it with a C (73.5% or higher in both quarters in the class) opt-out. To be eligible, students must have no office referrals or have ever been disciplined by a member of the administration. 

There will be a study opportunity on Dec. 13, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. This will be hosted by Mrs. Burks. Upperclassmen will also be there to help with the studying. Hot chocolate will be provided!

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