Fall Concert Amazed Crowds Last Thursday

Fall Concert Amazed Crowds Last Thursday

Lucas Fiscus

Last Thursday, the band program put together and performed an amazing show that captured the audience through the last note. The bands put on beautiful renditions of “Stew for Three,” “Oak Ridge Overture,” and “Sheltering Sky,” inter-spliced with smooth music from the Jazz band, all preceded by a short percussion segment.

Band preforming at the fall concert.
Perrysburg student perform (Photo Credit: Lucas Fiscus)

Even students not musically inclined could sit back and enjoy all of the efforts clearly shown at the performance. The show concluded with a performance of a piece called “Fusion” by Brian Balmages, which combined “Irish jig” music with a jazzy piece, and others, which was the crowd’s favorite by far.

When asked what goes into putting on a performance of this caliber, band member Tim Obaob said “A lot of practice and listening, not only to the directors but to the entire band as a whole.”

Senior Emmy Carns added “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, everyone needs to put in 110%.” Their effort and dedication clearly showed as the show sounded beautiful.

To those currently in the band, senior Maddy Brickner advised: “Just stick with it, I know some students who dropped out, but music can take you far.” 

It’s clear to see that our band takes a deep amount of pride in there work, and that translated last Thursday to a great show with beautiful music. 

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