Winter One Acts Review

Winter One Acts Review

Leah Cote
eSomethin Staff

Lights, camera, action! Perrysburg High School held it’s exciting yearly tradition, Winter One Acts! Each year, it is an amazing event to attend, and to really get in touch with the actors directly on stage. Also, a great way to get out and support your fellow friends who are involved with the productions, while having a good laugh! 

The Winter One Acts are divided up into 3 parts, well, 3 plays.  Each about 25 minutes long and each act has it’s own style.

For example, the first production (Thanks) was a comedy, which was hilarious and exciting on a family’s chaotic Thanksgiving.  Next, was the drama  (Hush), which contained a serious note on date rape, and the effects of it on victims, etc.  Lastly, was by far the most humorous, eye catching, and attention grabbing, Brother’s Grimm, which was Brother Grimm’s stories, in a humorous tone.

One thing that makes Winter One Acts so interesting every year is its ability to connect with the audience. There is something about sitting up on stage that makes it so much more surreal and entertaining to watch. The interactions the cast has with the audience over the production is humorous, and keeps things fun. It is a great way to really get up close and see how incredible each of these actors truly are.

The first act, Thanks was not only hilarious, but it was incredible how realistic and true this Thanksgiving setting seemed.  The set, outfits, accents, it was all perfect to the idea of that “crazy Thanksgiving”. There was truly a range in characters, which made it all the more fun. Jack, played by Ethan Nagy, was hilarious and a great character in the act, adding so much comedy to the production, it was a terrific part. Thanks was not only fun, but a great opener to the Winter One Acts and represented the talent Perrysburg High School.

Hush was a complete eye opener. It was very interesting to see a young group of actors cover such a serious topic, and with that, portraying it so real and serious. Sitting on stage along with the actors, the emotion was definitely there. It showed the audience the dangers and dark reality of date rape. It was clear to see the talent, hard work, and dedication, all of the actors put into this specific production. It was so heart breaking, and with that, the actors did a outstanding job.  Kim, (Abbey Perkins) also did a outstanding job portraying Kim’s character and showing her emotions. Overall, Hush was definitely emotional and cause a lot of remorse.

The last act was “Brother’s Grimm” which was a personal favorite. The whole entire cast was energetic, fun, and the overall atmosphere was amazing. The two narrators (Leah Mattas and Nathan Rowland Miller) were amusing and kept the show priceless. The costumes, whether it was a dress, witches costume, etc. all added such a fun and lively presence to the show. Each story had it’s own twist, and every actor showed that.

Overall, Winter One Acts was incredible, entertaining, and a true representation of PHS theatre departments talent. It is awesome the kind of talent that is here at our school, that can hold such a great production! If you missed the Winter One Acts, be sure to see the spring musical Crazy For You!

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