Meet Can Tang

Meet Can Tang

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New Chinese teacher at Junior High, High School

By Anthony Grigsby
eSomethin Staff

Can Tang is the new Chinese language and culture teacher for the Junior High School and High School.

Mrs. Tang, who was appointed to her job in Perrysburg last August, has been teaching for four years, having moved here from China to later receive a degree from Bowling Green State University.

According to Mrs. Tang, the Chinese language is much harder than a traditional French or Spanish class. Many of the mechanics and pronunciations of the language and its syntax are far more advanced than other languages in terms of what skill and dedication levels learning it necessitates.

Do not let this deter you; Mrs. Tang also emphasizes her student friendly teaching style and the obligation of the students to try rather than succeed in learning all of the basics associated an incredibly advanced language. Students, while still expected to pay attention and learn the content being taught, have nothing but good things to say about the course.

Jacob Rogers, a current student taking Chinese I, has nothing but positive comments regarding the course.

“It is so much fun” and “It’s 300 percent lit” are some of the endorsements you will hear from him when discussing the general nature and difficulty of Mrs. Tang’s inherently great class.

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