Marcus Blaze won the world championship for his age class

Marcus Blaze won the world championship for his age class

Rajshekhar Basu Sarkar
eSomethin staff

Imagine going to school with a student who won the world championship of wrestling.

Perrysburg student Marcus Blaze won a world championship in the men’s freestyle finals for wrestling at the weight class of 55kg.

“I feel very accomplished.  I feel that my hard work has paid,” said Marcus Blaze.

Blaze said his time and effort preparing helped him fulfill his accomplishments.

Blaze’s coach, Brian Whitner, an intervention specialist at Perrysburg High School and a wrestling coach said that Blaze “trained a lot at the Ohio Regional Training Center and did a lot with Scott Burnett.”

Blaze says that his friends and family supported him and they are a part of what he does.  

Whitner says that Blaze is very self-aware and analytical.

Blaze has no plan to stop at the junior world championship.  He tells eSomethin that he wants to go to the Olympics at the end of the year.

Blaze says that he liked Turkey and it was a different atmosphere there.

Blaze’s opponent Ankush made the match close by scoring three points in the finals to Blaze’s four.  

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