Frosh Fest Fun!

Frosh Fest Fun!

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By Izzie Knestrick
Video: Chelsea Fisher

The transition from junior high to high school, we all know, can be beyond tough. But lucky for the incoming freshmen of next year, they are apart of Jacket country, and the high school hosts the well known, fun filled Frosh Fest every year for the new students who are joining the jacket family!

Frosh Fest is an event full of activities that allow the 8th graders to feel comfortable in the high school and become acclimated with the new environment.

Frosh Fest provides them with the full effect of how fun and enjoyable high school really is! From “Simon Says” ice breakers, to the classic jacket chant, frosh fest successfully welcomed the incoming freshman with arms wide open!

Photo from the Simon Says ice breaker
8th graders making their ways around the booths
The Class of 2021!

The incoming freshmen, overall, extremely enjoyed the Frosh Fest experience.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all helped with this special event, and made sure to give the future class of 2021 a proper welcoming into the one and only, Perrysburg High School!

Heartwarming speeches were given by the school principle, Dr. Michael Short, school guidance counselor Mr. Rick Rettig, biology teacher Mr. Kevin English and athletic director Chuck Jaco, emphasizing the high school experience, and how it only happens once, and that every second counts.

Frosh Fest taught the 8th graders that getting involved is fun, and not to mention, worth it! It showed the future class of 2021 that high school isn’t so scary after all.


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