How many “children” can one family have?

How many “children” can one family have?

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Survey explores if multiple siblings affect the number of household pets

By Zach Peats
Special to eSomethin

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Families are an integral part of every human’s life.

TopicOfInterest_250pxWe grow up with them, tolerate them, and bond with them. Since we live with them all of our lives, it is clear that the members of the family impact it, including the pets.

So the question is, Does having multiple siblings affect the number of pets your family might have?

Ryan Huffman and I decided to find out if such a correlation exists. On Tuesday Nov. 10th, 2015, he and I went to many of the study hall classes during period 4/5 and 5/6 at Perrysburg High School and surveyed the students on both the number of siblings they have and the number of pets their family owns.

pets_siblingsWe then graphed the data as displayed on the right. The slope of the line going downward indicates that the more siblings a family has, the fewer pets they tend to have.

This likely is due to the fact that the parents must attend to each member of the family, pet and human alike, so having either more pets or siblings will reduce the attention they can give to the other.

While the results of the survey were not very surprising, some of the data we recorded was; having 6 pets or 9 siblings is a feat of tolerance within itself.

There is one takeaway from this survey, however.  Kids: If you have a lot of brothers and sisters, you probably won’t get pets any time soon.

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