Fall is the season for scarves

Summer is over and it’s time to break into your fall wardrobe. Aren’t you a little tired of tank tops, flouncy skirts, or dresses? It’s way too cold for those now, and don’t you want a way to spice up those dull outfits of jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters?

The answer is easy: scarves.

Scarves are a low-cost fashion accessory to make any outfit look brand new. For a casual look, try a knitted scarf. To make something look fancier, use silk or lighter cloth. And mix and matching is OK, too.

The way you tie your scarf can also change up the look. Closer to the neck with shorter tails looks more elegant, long and floppy is cozy comfort. Scarves can also keep you warm, as the months get colder.

So don’t just throw on a boring fall outfit when you’re rushing out the door to school. Throw on a scarve — it can make an outfit look nice and it’s practical too. Mix and match styles, colors, and patterns to create a fresh new look for fall. Stay trendy, Perrysburg!

>>Click here for some quick and easy ways to tie your scarf.

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